A Family’s Journey With Childhood Cancer Recurrence

The key to happiness, when confronted with adversity, is to remain optimistic and positive. In fact, our guests this week believe so strongly in the benefits of positivity that Radwa, along with her sister-in-law, Shereen, founded a non-profit called Create A Smile, which focuses on the power of a smile by crafting tailor-made experiences to help children “take childhood back from cancer.”

September draws focus to childhood cancer awareness, so The UpBeat is spending this month interviewing guests who’ve experienced its impact.

In this episode of The UpBeat Podcast powered by CoachArt, our co-hosts Greg and Roxanne are joined by Radwa and Tamer, whose son Zein was diagnosed with stage four Neuroblastoma at the age of 5. Over the next seven years, Zein overcame cancer four different times and his parents are here to share the inspiring story of their family’s long fight and explain their belief in the power of the mind — how staying positive has kept their family thriving in the face of difficult circumstances.

Listen to our interview with Radwa and Tamer.

We here at The UpBeat wanted to share some more resources and information on the incredible power of maintaining a positive attitude, even when that feels impossible.

Create A Smile was founded by Radwa and Zein’s aunt Shereen to help families “make the best out of childhood cancer, one smile at a time.” The non-profit provides assistance to childhood cancer patients and their families by focusing on happiness and an optimistic outlook.

Life Hack is a useful resource for advice to improve every facet of your life. They share a wonderful article that provides concrete tips on How To Tap Into the Power of Positivity, [featuring simple, yet effective, things everyone can do throughout their day.

The Mayo Clinic staff provide a thorough breakdown of the tangible benefits of positive thinking, including longer life, lower rates of depression, and a whole list of effects believed to be caused by a good attitude.

Success magazine has numerous discussions of positivity and its effects, including this fascinating exploration of what an author learned from 30 days of positive thinking. It explains how thinking positively doesn’t mean ignoring reality — and it also doesn’t mean you have to always be happy.

Want to share your tips on how to stay positive? Need to ask some questions? Feel free to comment below!

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