5 Parenting Affirmations to Live By

Perhaps I am just in the middle of a really hard season, or maybe the weight of being the mother of a child with a rare genetic disease is taking a toll on me? Either way, life seems to be moving at intensely fast speeds and hauling the weight of a semi.

Managing chaos has been a struggle for me. Personally, I find that prayer and journaling help. I used to turn to exercise, but with my hectic schedule, I can’t remember the last time I went to the gym. After Googling ways to feel stronger, I realized that I had been so focused on building my physical and spiritual strengths that I had completely neglected my emotional needs.

When life loads you up with baggage and sends you speeding down the 405 in rush hour traffic without breaks, well, your only friends in this situation is your mental focus and faith. And if the load is physically easy to manage but your self pep talk includes the words, “I can’t do this right now,” the weight feels heavier than it actually is. Mental health and emotional support are your key ingredients to strength regardless of the circumstances. And they are especially important to those of us that are dealing with the weight of life, parenting, and parenting a child with special needs.

Daily affirmations have been huge for me recently as I’m a big believer that you get back from the universe what you put out. Here are my 5 go-to mantras that I believe makes me a stronger human and a more patient mother:

The days can be long and trying but you are the best parent for your kiddos. Keep repeating this until you believe it.

And that is enough. The kids will be fed, homework will be finished, and the house will be cleaned – eventually. You are one person with only 2 hands. Be kind to yourself.

Probably the most overstated cliche ever but it works. Like I tell my kids, YOU are in charge of what kind of day you have – not the teacher that “unfairly” graded your test or the friend that wouldn’t sit with you at lunch. YOU decide how you will react to these frustrations and YOU decide whether or not your day is ruined; nobody else.

Make a concentrated effort to truly cherish every moment. When the dog pees on the floor and the kids mistake “eat your pasta” for “throw your pasta,” just take a deep breath and remember that you’re making memories. All of these chaotic moments will be funny stories they recall of their childhood. Try to love it all. And if you need a reminder of just how blessed you are, glance over at your sleeping child and that angelic face will help back up this affirmation.

Yes, yes you are. Being a parent is not for the weak. You are their teacher, nurse, chauffeur, personal chef (or Kraft’s sidekick, either is admirable) and their therapist. Just the essentials of parenting are more than Wonderwoman has accomplished in a single day so be proud and say it out loud: I AM A SUPERHERO.

I love this post from The Deliberate Mom that lists fifteen more affirmations that have helped shape both my perspective and the outcome of challenging situations.

Read these as needed. Revisit my commentary as a pep-talk. This gig is hard, but every season holds beauty.

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Grace’s unique journey has inspired her to speak from the heart, sharing her struggles and strengths. She is a domestic violence survivor and single mom of four, her youngest living with Tuberous Sclerosis. Despite these hardships, Grace always manages to find positivity and humor in life’s everyday challenges. When she’s not writing engaging and oh-so-relatable columns for The UpBeat, you can find her snuggling with her babies or constructing something fabulous with either a sewing machine or massive amounts of dough and a pie pan. 

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