How We Come Together as a Family to Care for my Chronically Ill Son

When I was pregnant with my first son, I had a daughter in preschool. One day, as I was leaving her classroom and asking about her day, another mom approached me. She said, “I just want to tell you; if they both cry at the same time, console her first. The baby won’t know the […]

What It’s Like to Make Friends as a Special Needs Single Parent

There was a meme that I recently came across that jokingly read, “If I’m ever murdered or kidnapped, please don’t make up lies about me. I do not light up a room. Everyone doesn’t want to be my friend. People don’t automatically take notice of me. I have a smart mouth and two friends. Tell […]

My Son Was Born With Tuberous Sclerosis – Now What?

Next week marks four years from when I first shared my son’s diagnosis with the world. As we approach this milestone, the emotion I felt around this time weighs on me. Remembering the anxiety and late-night consultations with Dr. Google, just trying to figure out what is happening to my newborn and wrapping my head […]


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